Stage 1: Newborn

Our special blends are created in harmony with your baby’s changing environment and unique skin care needs.

During your baby’s first months of life, his hair and skin are more vulnerable to irritants, changes in temperature, and humidity. Recent studies have shown that infant skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate than more mature skin, making it imperative to nourish your baby’s skin with products that are created specifically to hydrate and protect from environmental changes.

Stage 1 Ethnobotanicals

Songa Oil

Kendi Oil

Egee Unisoothe

Fresh Baby Scent

Our Stage One collection is especially formulated to naturally care for extra-sensitive skin in newborns. Each one of our unique ingredients is carefully chosen to address these skin care needs during a phase when the majority of your baby’s time is spent indoors, cuddled in your arms, under comfy blankets, or crawling to his favorite toys.

Our Stage One products feature patented Swiss moisturizers and soothing ethnobotanicals in gentle blends designed to support and strengthen the natural balance of your baby’s delicate skin.